I am interested in how painting can reveal something about the nature of perception and its relationship to meaning. The tools of our visual understanding- how we make since of the physical world through light, color, shape, line, texture and perspective- can be purposed to propose an experience that expands beyond the visible landscape into a space of perception previously unseen. It is a rare venue open to inquiry; visual play and flexible thinking reveal something about how we understand, and about how meaning is constructed. I believe that painting is well positioned to engage ambitions of both viewer and artist that are beyond words.


In the last few years I have begun to re-evaluate the fundamental elements of visual language and how they function within abstraction. This has lead me toward a more careful consideration of how an abstract image is constructed and how it makes sense or can challenge a sense of visual logic. I define myself as a painter, and believe that the content of my work is unequivocally within the domain of painting, however, my investigations have begun to lead me toward a more expansive definition of what painting is, what context it can be found in and form it can take.